[wordpress插件] Draupnir RingmanagerDraupnir Ringmanager

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This plugin allows for the creation and management of a webring, and the display of webring code in posts, pages, or a widget.


These functions may be used together or separately.




    • Create your own webring – no third party provider needed!
    • 创建自己的网络-无需第三方提供商!

    • Style your webring code however you like it.

    • 根据您的喜好设置Webring代码的样式。

      Basic html, image maps, css, it’s all up to you.

    • 基本的html,图片映射,css,全由您决定。

    • Sites that are not currently accessible will be seamlessly skipped in normal ring navigation.
    • 当前无法访问的站点将在常规环形导航中无缝跳过。

    • Ring order can be randomized manually or on a set schedule, or edited by hand.
    • 铃声顺序可以手动设置或按计划随机设置,也可以手动编辑。

    • Ring members can update their sites url and description at any time, or choose to leave the ring.
    • 环成员可以随时更新其网站的网址和说明,也可以选择退出环。

    • New members will be emailed the appropriate css code to add to their site.
    • 将通过电子邮件向新成员发送适当的CSS代码,以添加到其网站中。

    • One user login can be the owner of multiple sites!

    • 一个用户登录名可以是多个站点的所有者!

      Even the ring owner!

    • 甚至是戒指的主人!

    • The status of the code on each ring member’s site is checked on a periodic basis and displayed in the ring management area.
    • 定期检查每个环网成员站点上的代码状态,并将其显示在环网管理区域中。

    • … and more!
    • …还有更多!


    1. Install Draupnir either via the WordPress.org plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server
    2. 通过WordPress.org插件目录或将文件上传到服务器来安装Draupnir

    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    4. 通过WordPress中的“插件”菜单激活插件

    5. Set up Draupnir using the menu found in your admin sidebar.

    6. 使用管理侧边栏中的菜单设置Draupnir。

        • Pick a name for your webring.
        • 为您的网名取个名字。

        • Write a basic description of your webring.
        • 写出关于织网的基本说明。

        • Select an image for your webring.
        • 选择一个图像作为连环。

        • Set a homepage for your webring.
        • 为您的网页设置主页。

      • Create a page for your webring.

      • 为您的链接创建一个页面。

          • This page should have the same url as the homepage you selected earlier.

          • 此页面的网址应与您之前选择的主页相同。

          • It’s recommended that you give it a title that matches the name you have chosen for your ring.

          • 建议您给标题添加一个与您为戒指选择的名称相匹配的名称。

          • The only contents it needs to have is the shortcode [draupnir_ringhub].
          • 唯一需要的内容是简码[draupnir_ringhub]。

        • Display the webrings of which you are a member on your site.

        • 显示您作为站点成员的webring。

            • Fill in your site’s individual ring code under Code for All Webrings.
            • 在“所有网络的代码”下填写您网站的个人铃声。

            • Display these webrings on any post or page using the shortcode [draupnir_ringcodes]
            • 使用短码[draupnir_ringcodes]在任何帖子或页面上显示这些环网

            • Or use the provided Webrings widget.
            • 或使用提供的Webrings小部件。