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Eliminate your repetitive tasks!


WooCommerce Integration for Drive FX

用于Drive FX的WooCommerce集成

WooCommerce Integration for Drive FX is an easy-to-use integration that creates Invoices, Orders, Customers in your Drive FX accounting system.

Drive FX的WooCommerce集成是一种易于使用的集成,可在Drive FX会计系统中创建发票,订单,客户。

You can also integrate the products and stocks in the WooCommerce solution and automatically send the invoices to your customers by mail.


This integration requires a license purchase from Drive FX software (www.drivefx.net) and the WooCommerce plugin installed on your WordPress site.

此集成需要从Drive FX软件(www.drivefx.net)购买许可证,并在WordPress网站上安装WooCommerce插件。

What does WooCommerce for Drive FX do for you?

WooCommerce for Drive FX为您做什么?

    • Automaticly create new clients in Drive FX accounting software
    • 在Drive FX会计软件中自动创建新客户端

    • Generate orders and invoices based on what the client orders in the website
    • 根据客户在网站上的订单生成订单和发票

    • Option to automatically send invoices via email for new orders
    • 用于通过电子邮件自动发送新订单发票的选项

    • Sync all your products and correspondent stock from Drive FX software to Woocommerce.
    • 将您所有的产品和对应的库存从Drive FX软件同步到Woocommerce。



    You can create clients, internal documents and invoices on Drive FX based on what it’s done on the WooCommerce store.

    您可以根据WooCommerce商店上的操作在Drive FX上创建客户,内部文档和发票。

    Option to automatically send invoices via email for new orders


    Sync stocks from Drive FX to Woocommerce

    将Drive FX中的股票同步到Woocommerce

    Choose which type of internal document and invoices you want.


    Import/Update products from Drive FX software

    从Drive FX软件导入/更新产品


    1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install via the Add New Plugin menu;
    2. plugin 文件夹上载到 / wp-content / plugins / 目录或通过“添加新插件”菜单进行安装;

    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress;
    4. 通过WordPress中的“插件”菜单激活插件;

    5. Enter your Drive FX backend info in ‘Settings’ page.

    6. 在“设置”页面中输入您的Drive FX后端信息。

      Its required to set the username, password, Drive FX backend URL and your generated user’s API Key;

    7. 必须设置用户名,密码,Drive FX后端URL和您生成的用户的API密钥;

    8. Import your products from FX to begin integration with Drive FX, because you need use the same reference of your products.
    9. 从FX导入产品以开始与Drive FX集成,因为您需要使用与产品相同的参考。