[wordpress插件] DeMomentSomTres Wine and Cheese CatalogDeMomentSomTres葡萄酒和奶酪目录

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DeMomentSomTres Wine and Cheese Catalog helps to easily incorporate your catalog of wines and champagnes your winery or wine shop on the web.


You can get more information at DeMomentSomTres Digital Marketing Agency.

您可以在 DeMomentSomTres数字营销机构中获得更多信息。



    • Required plugins management
    • 必需的插件管理

    • Specific post type product allowing to use all WordPress resources to present your product.
    • 特定的帖子类型产品,允许使用所有WordPress资源展示您的产品。

    • Classification based on mark, region and type.
    • 基于标记,区域和类型的分类。

    • Specific URL field to link to an external eCommerce site.
    • 链接到外部电子商务站点的特定URL字段。

    • Shortcode demomentsomtres-marks to show all marks in a post or page.

    • 短代码demomentsomtres-marks以显示帖子或页面中的所有标记。

      Just insert [demomentsomtres-marks cols=n] where you want to show your marks and logos.

    • 只需在要显示标记和徽标的位置插入 [demomentsomtres-marks cols = n]

    • Widgets: Many widgets have been added in order to show product related information.

    • 小部件:添加了许多小部件以显示与产品相关的信息。

      If showed in a single product they get information from the product.


      If not on a product, nothing is shown.

    • 如果未在产品上显示任何内容,则不会显示任何内容。

    • Mark Description Widget: shows the description inserted on the mark taxonomy.
    • 商标描述小部件:显示在商标分类法上插入的描述。

    • Mark Logo Widget: shows the image linked to the mark taxonomy.

    • 商标徽标小部件:显示链接到商标分类法的图像。

    • Product Name Widget: shows the current product name in a H1 tag.
    • 产品名称小部件:在H1标签中显示当前产品名称。

    • Product Sales URL: shows the external product URL if it is informed on the product.
    • 产品销售网址:如果在产品上被告知,则显示外部产品网址。

    • Products In Category: shows other products in the same mark.

    • 类别中的产品:显示具有相同标记的其他产品。

      Can be shown as a list of texts or as an image.

    • 可以显示为文本列表或图像。

    • Translation Ready.

    • 已准备好翻译。

      Included Catalan language.

    • 包括加泰罗尼亚语。

    • Taxonomy Images
    • 分类图像

    We have used Featured Image Widget in some installs to show the featured product image in some installations.<



    / p>

    History & Raison d’être


    We were asked to build the Castell d'Or winery's website but it was a catalog and to achieve notoriety

    我们被要求建立 Castell d'Or酒厂的网站,但这是一个目录,并且声名狼藉

    as the public and search engines.


    So we construct a solution of discard eCommerce pure Prestashop WooCommerce on because, well, we propose the design was very much in line of a printed catalog.

    因此,我们构建废弃电子商务纯Prestashop WooCommerce的解决方案,是因为我们认为设计非常符合印刷目录。

    For this reason we decided to build our own wine catalog component advantage of using external components like s8sideways to present the brand logo.


    So we decided to build a profile of wine or champagne on a custom post type wordpress creating classifications (taxonomies) specific to group brands.


    Widgets there were added according to the specific needs of the construction site to present brands in their own navigation brand, navigation to other brands …


    Then we had to incorporate some products link to the website where you can buy this wine and this was the origin of Product Sales URL widget.



This plugin can be installed on any WordPress.


It detects if any required plugin is not installed and manages the situation.