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DFD Reddcoin Tips is a WordPress plugin to display Reddcoin tipping and payment widgets on your website, and send and receive Reddcoins within a built-in password-protected admin console that fully integrates and connects you to the Reddcoin API (ReddAPI.com

DFD Reddcoin Tips是一个WordPress插件,可在您的网站上显示Reddcoin小费和付款小部件,并在内置密码保护的管理控制台中发送和接收Reddcoins,该控制台完全集成并连接到Reddcoin API(ReddAPI.com



For security of your Reddcoin balances, the API keys are stored with 2 way / 256 bit encryption in the wordpress database for a high level of protection from theft, and are decrypted on-the-fly only when using the command console with

为了确保Reddcoin余额的安全,API密钥以2种方式/ 256位加密存储在wordpress数据库中,以提供高度的防盗保护,并且仅在使用命令控制台和

your WordPress password.



You can install fairly easily doing a search in your plugin admin area, or upload the archive manually…make sure you activate after uploading.


After installation, you'll need to create a Reddcoin API account at ReddAPI.com if you wish to send / receive Reddcoins, and also go to “Appearance -> Widgets” in the WordPress admin area to add a payment badge to your web pages

安装后,如果您希望发送/接收Reddcoins,则需要在ReddAPI.com上创建一个Reddcoin API帐户,然后转到WordPress管理区域中的“外观->小部件”以向您的网页添加付款徽章。