[wordpress插件] DFP Ad ManagerDFP广告管理系统广告管理系统

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For simple management of DoubleClick for Publishers ad positions.


This plugin is designed to simplify the process of working with DoubleClick for Publishers.


Rather than inundate the user with too many options and settings, instead everything is managed within DoubleClick, utilizing WordPress to display the positions.


Page, category, and tag targeting is built-in, with the option to extend on the DoubleClick Javascript library and add even more targeting and send data from the WordPress backend to DoubleClick.

页面,类别和标签定位是内置的,可以选择扩展DoubleClick Javascript库并添加更多定位,并将数据从WordPress后端发送到DoubleClick。

Follow development of the plugin on Github.com/ThatGerber/dfp-ads

Github.com/ThatGerber/dfp-ads 上开发插件




Install plugin


    1. Download Zip File
    2. 下载Zip文件

    3. Navigate to your website’s admin page: example.com/wp-admin/
    4. 导航到您网站的管理页面: example.com/wp-admin /

    5. Go to Plugins, “Add New”
    6. 转到插件,“添加新内容”

    7. At the top of the page, choose “Upload Plugin”
    8. 在页面顶部,选择“上传插件”

    9. Upload zip file and install now
    10. 上传zip文件并立即安装

    11. Activate plugin
    12. 激活插件

    Set Up Ad Network


      1. Visit https://www.google.com/dfp/ and get your Account ID

      2. 访问 https://www.google.com/dfp/ 并获取您的帐户ID

          1. To find your Account ID, go to Settings.

          2. 要找到您的帐户ID,请转到“设置”。

            On the left sidebar, choose “Network Settings” and “All Network Settings”.

          3. 在左侧栏中,选择“网络设置”和“所有网络设置”。

          4. Copy your “Network Code”.

          5. 复制您的“网络代码”。

            It should be an 8-digit integer for identifying your ad network.

          6. 它应该是8位整数,用于标识您的广告网络。

        1. Visit the Ad Positions “Settings” in the WordPress Admin page.
        2. 在WordPress管理页面上访问广告排名“设置”。

        3. Add the DFP Network Code for Identifying the ad network for ad positions.
        4. 添加DFP广告管理系统广告网络代码以标识广告位置的广告网络。