[wordpress插件] Admin Trim Interface管理员修剪界面

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This plugin uses a combination of WordPress hooks, CSS (when possible), and Javascript (last resort) to removed specified admin interface elements.


These elements may be considered by some to be superfluous interface elements that are undesired for one reason or another, so this plugin aids in their visual removal.


Each admin interface element is individually selected for removal.


The elements that can be removed are:


    • The header WordPress logo (bear in mind this functions as a menu) in the admin bar
    • 管理栏中的标题WordPress徽标(请注意,此功能可用作菜单)

    • The home icon next to your site’s name in the admin bar
    • 管理栏中站点名称旁边的主页图标

    • The “Howdy,” greeting before your username in the admin bar
    • “ Howdy”,在管理栏中在您的用户名前打招呼

    • Your username link to your profile in the admin bar
    • 您的用户名链接到管理栏中的个人资料

    • Your avatar in the admin bar
    • 您在管理栏中的头像

    • The Dashboard menu link in the sidebar
    • 侧边栏中的“仪表板”菜单链接

    • The contextual “Help” link
    • 上下文“帮助”链接

    • The footer links
    • 页脚链接

    • The WordPress version in the footer
    • 页脚中的WordPress版本

    (There is an associated screenshot which points out these different sections.)


    Note: These settings are global and will affect all users who are able to visit the admin pages.


    Links: Plugin Homepage |

    链接:插件主页 |

    Plugin Directory Page |

    插件目录页面 |

    GitHub |

    GitHub |

    Author Homepage



    1. Install via the built-in WordPress plugin installer.

    2. 通过内置的WordPress插件安装程序进行安装。

      Or download and unzip admin-trim-interface.zip inside the plugins directory for your site (typically wp-content/plugins/)

    3. 或在您网站的插件目录中下载 admin-trim-interface.zip 并解压缩(通常为 wp-content / plugins /

    4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ admin menu in WordPress
    5. 通过WordPress中的“插件”管理菜单激活插件

    6. Click the plugin’s ‘Settings’ link next to its ‘Deactivate’ link (still on the Plugins page), or click on the ‘Appearance’ -> ‘Admin Trim Interface’ link, to go to the plugin’s admin settings page.

    7. 单击插件的“停用”链接旁边的插件“设置”链接(仍在插件页面上),或单击“外观”->“管理修剪界面”链接,以转到插件的管理设置页面。

      Customize the settings to selectively remove admin interface elements.

    8. 自定义设置以有选择地删除管理界面元素。