[wordpress插件] 3D DVD Cover (WebGL and THREE JS)3D DVD封面(WebGL和THREE JS)

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Have you ever tried to add a 3D model web without the need of looking for a software to generate such a model?, Well, 3d dvd is part of a set of plugins for adding 3D models and generate images from that model png

您是否曾经尝试过添加3D模型网络而无需寻找软件来生成这种模型?,那么3d DVD是用于添加3D模型并从该模型生成图像的一组插件的一部分。

format, this is part of an online project developed by http://all.develoteca.com/builder/

格式,这是 http://all.develoteca.com/builder/

> and Develoteca.com team.

>和 Develoteca.com 团队。

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