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Analytics Cat – Google Analytics is a lean, fast, simple, no-frills way to add your Google Analytics / Universal Google Analytics code to your WordPress site.

Analytics Cat – Google Analytics(分析)是一种精简,快速,简单,简洁的方法,可将您的Google Analytics(分析)/ Universal Google Analytics(分析)代码添加到WordPress网站。

This bloat-free, simple Google Analytics WordPress plugin doesn’t add tons of features.

此无膨胀,简单的Google Analytics(分析)WordPress插件不会添加大量功能。

Instead, Analytics Cat – Google Analytics simply focuses on letting you add your Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) Code to your site in less than 2 minutes, without slowing your site down.

相反,Analytics Cat – Google Analytics(分析)只是专注于让您在不到2分钟的时间内将Google Analytics(分析)代码添加到您的网站,而不会降低网站的运行速度。

Which features does Analytics Cat – Google Analytics have?

Analytics Cat – Google Analytics有哪些功能?

    • Add the Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) tracking code to your WordPress site with ease.
    • 轻松地将Google Analytics(分析)(通用分析)跟踪代码添加到您的WordPress网站。

    • Hide your Google Analytics tracking code from logged-in users so you don’t pollute your data.
    • 隐藏已登录用户的Google Analytics(分析)跟踪代码,以免污染数据。

    Why use Analytics Cat – Google Analytics?

    为什么要使用Analytics Cat – Google Analytics(分析)?

    There are multiple ways to add the Google Analytics tracking code to your WordPress site.

    有多种方法可以将Google Analytics(分析)跟踪代码添加到您的WordPress网站。



    Pasting your Google Analytics script into your theme

    将您的Google Analytics(分析)脚本粘贴到主题中

    This approach isn’t great for two reasons:


    a) If you edit your live site and make a mistake when pasting your Google Analytics script into your theme, you could take down your website.

    a)如果您编辑实时站点并在将Google Analytics(分析)脚本粘贴到主题中时出错,则可以关闭您的网站。

    b) If your theme is updated with new features or security fixes, your Google Analytics code will be overwritten.

    b)如果您的主题使用新功能或安全修复程序进行了更新,则您的Google Analytics(分析)代码将被覆盖。



    Pasting your Google Analytics script into a header/footer script plugin

    将您的Google Analytics(分析)脚本粘贴到页眉/页脚脚本插件中

    This is a valid approach, but has some disadvantages.


    General purposes “header script plugins” aren’t built from the ground-up to support Google Analytics.

    通用的“标头脚本插件”并非完全是为了支持Google Analytics(分析)而构建的。

    What this means is that :


    a) These plugins lack Google Analytics-specific functionality.

    a)这些插件缺少Google Analytics(分析)特定的功能。

    b) These plugins will not adapt if Google Analytics changes again.

    b)如果Google Analytics(分析)再次更改,这些插件将无法使用。

    Since Analytics Cat is a dedicated Google Analytics WordPress plugin, we’ll make sure make sure to stay compatible with future changes to Google Analytics.

    由于Analytics Cat是专用的Google Analytics(分析)WordPress插件,因此,请确保与以后对Google Analytics(分析)所做的更改保持兼容。

    c) These plugins usually don’t support hiding your Google Analytics code from logged-in users.

    c)这些插件通常不支持对登录用户隐藏Google Analytics(分析)代码。



    Using Some Other Google Analytics WordPress Plugin

    使用其他Google Analytics(分析)WordPress插件

    There is some good Google Analytics plugins out there, but many of them are bloated, have too many settings and are slow.

    有一些不错的Google Analytics(分析)插件,但其中许多插件肿,设置过多且运行缓慢。

    You’ll love Analytics Cat – Google Analytics Cat iff what you want is a simple, reliable Google Analytics plugin,

    您会喜欢Analytics Cat –如果您想要的是简单,可靠的Google Analytics插件,

    Does Analytics Cat – Google Analytics Plugin work with Universal Analytics

    Anaes Cat Cat – Google Analytics Plugin可与Universal Analytics一起使用



    Analytics Cat is built from the ground up to support Universal Analytics.

    Analytics Cat完全是为支持Universal Analytics而构建的。

    Analytics Cat – Google Analytics does not work with the old Google Analytics script that Google deprecated.

    Analytics Cat – Google Analytics(分析)无法与Google弃用的旧Google Analytics(分析)脚本一起使用。

    Can I hide my Google Analytics tracking code from logged in users?

    我可以对登录的用户隐藏我的Google Analytics(分析)跟踪代码吗?



    You can hide your Google Analytics code from logged in users by going to Settings -> Google Analytics Manager.

    您可以转到设置-> Google Analytics(分析)管理器,对登录的用户隐藏Google Analytics(分析)代码。

    Is Analytics Cat – Google Analytics easy to translate?

    Analytics Cat – Google Analytics(分析)是否易于翻译?



    Analytics Cat – Google Analytics Cat is fully translateable.

    Analytics Cat – Google Analytics Cat完全可翻译。

    Please let us know if you’re interested in contributing.


    Analytics Cat – Google Analytics Feature Roadmap

    Analytics Cat – Google Analytics(分析)功能路线图

    This is just the first version of Analytics Cat – we have tons of new features & improvements lined up.

    这只是Analytics Cat的第一个版本-我们有大量的新功能和改进。

    Do you have any suggestions?


    Please leave a comment in the support forums.


    The Fatcat Apps Team

    - Fatcat应用团队

    Privacy Disclosure


    This plugin can be configured to connect to 3rd party service providers such as Google.


    If you use this plugin to connect to a 3rd party, personal data may also be shared with that party.


    Additional privacy policy information for 3rd party services can be found here:




    Our full privacy policy is available here: https://fatcatapps.com/legal/privacy-policy

    可在此处找到我们的完整隐私政策: https://fatcatapps.com/legal/privacy-policy




    1. Upload the Analytics Cat – Google Analytics plugin file (fca-ga.zip) to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. 将Analytics Cat – Google Analytics插件文件( fca-ga.zip )上载到 / wp-content / plugins / 目录

    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    4. 通过WordPress中的“插件”菜单激活插件

    5. In your sidebar, select ‘Settings -> Google Analytics Manager’ to add your tracking code.
    6. 在边栏中,选择“设置-> Google Analytics(分析)管理器”以添加您的跟踪代码。