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ARKCommerce is a payment gateway that provides ARK crypto currency payment services for WooCommerce store operators on WordPress platform by utilising the

ARKCommerce是一个支付网关,它通过利用WordPress平台上的WooCommerce商店运营商提供 ARK 加密货币支付服务。

ARK blockchain.


Fully based on open source code and architecture, ARKCommerce aims to provide the necessary e-commerce infrastructure with the goal of wider market acceptance for ARK by both customers and merchants.


Online merchants struggle with risk-free and timely digital product delivery via established fiat currency payment intermediaries.


This makes for a particularly suitable use case for crypto currency payments that happen in a trustless, straightforward, and automated fashion.


ARKCommerce leverages the versatility of ARK blockchain that features a special field called SmartBridge which enables user input as part of the transaction, whereas 8 second block times facilitate prompt transaction confirmations.


All orders placed through ARKCommerce are placed on-hold until repetitive ARK blockchain queries reveal a transaction for an appropriate amount of ARK and with a correct order reference making a deposit into the monitored ARK wallet address belonging to the store, all without requiring or storing wallet






    • Supports pricing in both fiat currency conversion and natively in ARK
    • 支持法定货币转换和本地ARK定价

    • Automatic exchange rate synchronisation for supported currencies (Coinmarketcap.com API)
    • 支持的货币的自动汇率同步(Coinmarketcap.com API)

    • Market/above-market/fixed store exchange rate selection
    • 市场/高于市场/固定商店汇率选择

    • Dual price display, supports all WooCommerce Product types and price formats
    • 双重价格显示,支持所有WooCommerce产品类型和价格格式

    • Fully automatic order processing, metadata recording and transaction discovery via ARK/DARK Node API
    • 通过ARK / DARK Node API进行全自动订单处理,元数据记录和交易发现

    • Order timeout limit support for risk management
    • 订单超时限制对风险管理的支持

    • Theme-agnostic integration into WooCommerce and WordPress
    • 与主题无关的WooCommerce和WordPress集成

    • Detailed ARKCommerce event administrator/store manager email notifications available
    • 详细的ARKCommerce事件管理员/商店经理电子邮件通知可用

    • Customer-facing FAQ and Currency Converter widgets
    • 面向客户的FAQ和Currency Converter小部件

    • Administrator dashboard widgets, WooCommerce Order meta box, ARKCommerce Navigator and ARKCommerce Information pages
    • 管理员仪表板小部件,WooCommerce订单元框,ARKCommerce导航器和ARKCommerce信息页面

    • Fully internationalisation-ready
    • 完全国际化



    We would like to see ARKCommerce translated in as many languages as possible and native speakers from all over the globe are very welcome to do so on translate.wordpress.org.

    “> translate.wordpress.org 。



    If you decide to support this project you may do so by taking advantage of its services, submitting favourable reviews, providing constructive feedbackaising issues at the project page on GitHub, or donating ARK to AXaDj4ADMgzw67zik3ynwktARVKgwfv1WP in

    / ARKCommerce“ rel =” nofollow“> GitHub ,或将ARK捐赠给 AXaDj4ADMgzw67zik3ynwktARVK

    case you are feeling particularly generous.



    1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/arkcommerce folder, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins section.
    2. 将插件文件上传到 / wp-content / plugins / arkcommerce 文件夹,或通过WordPress插件部分安装插件。

    3. Create an ARK Wallet Address for the store by using the Desktop or

    4. 使用桌面

      ="https://arkecosystem.github.io/ark-lite-wallet/app/" rel="nofollow">Online or Mobile clients.

    5. 移动” rel =“ nofollow”>移动客户端。

    6. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress Dashboard and set up “Hard Cron” as per instructions found within ARKCommerce Information page.
    7. 通过WordPress仪表板中的“插件”屏幕激活插件,并根据ARKCommerce信息页面中的说明设置“ Hard Cron”。

    8. In ARKCommerce Settings page configure the plugin by entering your wallet address, and optionally your chosen ARK/DARK Node IP addresses/hostnames and their ports.
    9. 在“ ARKCommerce设置”页面中,通过输入您的钱包地址以及(可选)您选择的ARK / DARK节点IP地址/主机名及其端口来配置插件。

    10. Review the ARKCommerce Preferences page to set up various options like order expiry timeout, exchange rates, customer instructions, notifications etc.
    11. 查看ARKCommerce首选项页面以设置各种选项,例如订单到期超时,汇率,客户说明,通知等。

    12. Proper operation can be tested cost-free by turning on ARKCommerce DARK Mode (sandbox) that employs the DARK Devnet blockchain.
    13. 通过打开采用DARK Devnet区块链的ARKCommerce DARK模式(沙盒),可以免费测试正确的操作。

    14. Profit.

    15. 利润。


    16. 从字面上看。