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Author Showcase is an all-in-one plugin for authors to show off their work on their site.

Author Showcase是一个多合一的插件,供作者在其网站上展示其作品。

The Author Showcase plugin was written by an author, for authors.

Author Showcase插件是由作者为作者编写的。

It was created in order to make it easy for authors to display their books, along with the buy links, in a number of different formats.


You can include the title, subtitle, cover, author name, series name, and blurb, as well as any number of links to various websites where each book may be bought.


You can then display your books on a page or post using a shortcode, or in a widget.


All the messy HTML is taken care of, and each book is nicely formatted (and it should use your theme’s CSS).



    1. Upload the zip file to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. 将zip文件上传到 / wp-content / plugins / 目录

    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    4. 通过WordPress中的“插件”菜单激活插件

    5. Look at your WordPress Admin menu;

    6. 查看您的WordPress管理菜单;

      you should see a new link at the end called Author Showcase Book List.

    7. 您应该会在末尾看到一个名为Author Showcase Book List的新链接。

    8. Click on Add New Book to begin adding your books.

    9. 单击“添加新书”以开始添加书。

      Remember to add a series of books in the order in which they were published!

    10. 记住要按出版顺序添加一系列书籍!

    11. On the Book List screen, note the Book ID numbers.

    12. 在“图书清单”屏幕上,记下图书ID号。

      You’ll use these to display your books.

    13. 您将使用它们来显示您的图书。

    14. Go to the Appearance -> Widgets screen.

    15. 转到外观->小部件屏幕。

      You should now see a new widget called Author Showcase.

      现在,您应该看到一个名为Author Showcase的新小部件。

      Click and drag it over to your chosen sidebar, and it’ll open up automatically.

    16. 点击并将其拖到您选择的侧边栏中,它将自动打开。

    17. Fill in the header.

    18. 填写标题。

      This is the widget title, and it’ll display above your books.

    19. 这是小部件标题,它将显示在您的书上方。

    20. Enter a single Book ID, or a comma separated list of Book IDs in the order in which you want them to appear.

    21. 输入单个Book ID或以逗号分隔的Book ID列表(以您希望它们显示的顺序)。

      They’ll be listed on the same row.


      You can choose to display more fields than just the cover and sales links.


      (The links will be hidden in a slideout menu until you click on the cover.)

    22. (这些链接将隐藏在滑出菜单中,直到您单击封面为止。)

    23. Save the widget.

    24. 保存小部件。

      You’re done!


      Check your site and click on the cover images to see the menu slide out from the bottom.

    25. 检查您的站点,然后单击封面图像以查看菜单从底部滑出。

    26. If you want to use the shortcodes, please refer to the user manual.

    27. 如果您想使用简码,请参考用户手册