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If you have a CAS service and you want to authenticate your users in WordPress with the same credentials, you can use this plugin to get the job done.


The users that attempt to start their sessions in WordPress, will be redirected to the CAS single sign-on page, where their sessions starts.


If the user data is valid, they are redirected back to WordPress.


If the credentials already exist in your WordPress the user will be authenticated.


Otherwise, if the user was pre-registered in the configuration page, the user will be created.


CAS Maestro can also connect to a LDAP server to access personal data to be used in user profile.

CAS Maestro还可以连接到LDAP服务器,以访问要在用户个人资料中使用的个人数据。

Features included:


    • Full integration with the WordPress authentication system
    • 与WordPress身份验证系统完全集成

    • One of the most secure CAS plugins for WordPress
    • 最安全的WordPress CAS插件之一

    • Possibility to pre-register some known users, with the desired role
    • 可以预注册某些具有所需角色的已知用户

    • LDAP integration for user data fill, such as name and e-mail
    • 用于用户数据填充(例如名称和电子邮件)的LDAP集成

    • Validation mechanisms to avoid getting blocked in case of misconfiguration
    • 避免在配置错误的情况下被阻塞的验证机制

    • Mail notification for pre-registered users
    • 针对预注册用户的邮件通知

    • Network activation allowed (todo: network panel for configuration)
    • 允许网络激活(待办事项:用于配置的网络面板)


    1. Install Cas Maestro either via the WordPress.org plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server (/wp-content/plugins/)
    2. 通过WordPress.org插件目录或通过将文件上传到服务器( / wp-content / plugins / 安装Cas Maestro。

    3. Activation can be made in ‘Plugins’ menu
    4. 可以在“插件”菜单中进行激活

    5. Configure carefully Cas Maestro through plugin’s page
    6. 在插件页面上仔细配置Cas Maestro

    ATTENTION If for some reason you are unable to access the administrator panel, you can disable the CAS Maestro behavior by adding the code line define(‘WPCAS_BYPASS’,true);

    注意(如果出于某种原因而无法访问管理员面板),可以通过添加代码行define('WPCAS_BYPASS',true)来禁用CAS Maestro行为。

    to wp-config.php file.

    wp-config.php 文件。

    That way you can configure CAS Maestro before revert the previous instruction.

    这样,您可以在恢复上一条指令之前配置CAS Maestro。

    Did you know… If you leave empty fields in CAS Maestro configuration, the plugin will ask you to fill fields before final activation.

    您知道吗……如果您在CAS Maestro配置中保留空白字段,则插件将要求您在最终激活之前填写字段。

    Therefore you can use WordPress login system before the configuration conclusion.