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Original authors: Keith McDuffee [http://www.gudlyf.com/]

原始作者:Keith McDuffee [http://www.gudlyf.com/]



Rich Hamilton [http:/yowebsite.com/]

Rich Hamilton [http:/yowebsite.com/]



Projekt Seven his site is now down was tastycornbread.com


    • 1.0.1 Modified Projekt Seven’s work to include Front, Search, Feed, Archives features for WP 2.3
    • 1.0.1修改了Projekt Seven的工作,以包括WP 2.3的Front,Search,Feed和Archives功能

    • 1.0.2 Fixed bugs that would cause Archives and Feeds to blow up
    • 1.0.2修复了导致存档和Feed爆炸的错误

    • 1.0.3 Fixed Duplicate post on Archives, Home, and Feeds when containing multiple Categories and added Tag support
    • 1.0.3修复了包含多个类别并添加了标签支持的“归档”,“首页”和“供稿”上的重复帖子

    • 1.0.4 Fixed empty search results and Ghost categories in the wp_list_categories function
    • 1.0.4修复了wp_list_categories函数中的空搜索结果和Ghost类别

    • 1.0.5 Fixed broken install code and title_li option for wp_list_categories (FYI: wp_list_cats tag is deprecated and no longer supported by this plugin.)
    • 1.0.5修复了wp_list_categories的已损坏的安装代码和title_li选项(仅供参考:不建议使用wp_list_cats标签,并且此插件不再支持该标签。)

    • 1.0.6 Fixed an additional title_li option related bug and duplication on Search
    • 1.0.6修复了与title_li选项相关的其他错误以及搜索上的重复

    • 1.0.7 Fixed empty front on 2.5.1
    • 1.0.7固定了2.5.1上的空锋

    • 1.0.8 Dropped tag and links support for 2.7 compatibility
    • 1.0.8删除了标记和链接,以实现2.7兼容性


    1. Simply download and unzip it.

    2. 只需下载并解压缩。

        1. Put it in your plugins directory.
        2. 将其放在您的插件目录中。

        3. Activate it.
        4. 激活它。

        5. Go to “Manage,” “Category Visibility” to see the visibility settings for all categories.

        6. 转到“管理”,“类别可见性”以查看所有类别的可见性设置。

          the options are:


          Front: Posts show up on the main (home) page.


          List: Categories that will show up in the List of categories in the sidebar.


          Search: Posts show up in search results.


          Feed: Posts show up in the main RSS/Atom feed.

          提要:帖子显示在主要的RSS / Atom提要中。

          Archive: Posts show up in archive links (i.e., clicking on the calendar links)

        7. 存档:帖子显示在存档链接中(即,单击日历链接)

        8. Everything is checked to show up by default.
        9. 默认情况下,所有内容都会选中。