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An image slider with a unique effect.


Mixing words and images of your post in an elegant animation.


ACTUS Animated Words Slider is not just another image slider.


You don’t need to hassle with hundreds of options.


A unique, animated slider is created automatically for each of your posts, using the most used words of your text and all the images of your post.


The featured image, attached images, the images used in your content, images used in galleries and any extra images you want to upload.


The result is a beautiful animated slider, zooming and rotating the images, with soft transitions between them, and overlaying animated words from your text over the images.




    • Unique slider for every post
    • 每个帖子都有唯一的滑块

    • Real time updating preview.
    • 实时更新预览。

    • Reads your post content and extracts the most used words in it.
    • 阅读您的帖子内容并提取其中最常用的单词。

    • Reads all images used in your post ( featured image, inline content images, galleries images, attachments ) and creates an animated image slider.
    • 读取帖子中使用的所有图像(特色图像,嵌入式内容图像,画廊图像,附件)并创建动画图像滑块。

    • Exclude images from your slider flow or add new images to it.
    • 从滑块流中排除图像或向其中添加新图像。

    • Exclude words from your animation or add new words or the post tags.
    • 从动画中排除单词或添加新单词或帖子标签。

    • Adjust slider height.
    • 调整滑块高度。

    • Adjust transition time and slide display time.
    • 调整过渡时间和幻灯片显示时间。

    • Enable or disable zooming and/or rotation of the images.
    • 启用或禁用图像的缩放和/或旋转。

    • Adjust the density, the opacity and the speed of the animated words.
    • 调整动画单词的密度,不透明度和速度。

    • Adjust the size of the animated words and their font (coming soon) or color.
    • 调整动画单词的大小及其字体(即将推出)或颜色。

    • Shortcode.
    • 简码。



      • Use the shortcode [actus-awslider] to place the plugin anywhere on your page.

        使用简码 [actus-awslider] 将插件放置在页面上的任意位置。

        An automatic slider will be created using your content’s text and images.


        You can refine the setting’s for each post or page slider, in the edit post/page.


        You can use the shortcode without parameters to use the settings defined in the edit post/page, or you can provide parameters to override those settings.


        You can use one or more parameters like that [actus-awslider height='400' words='off'].

        您可以使用一个或多个参数,例如 [actus-awslider height ='400'words ='off']

        The available parameters for the shortcode are:


      • height – the height of the slider – number in pixels

        height –滑块的高度–以像素为单位的数字

      • words – toggle animated words on or off – on/off
      • 单词–开启或关闭动画单词–开启/关闭

      • density – the density of animated words – 1/50
      • 密度–动画单词的密度– 1/50

      • speed – the speed of animated words – 0.1/6.0
      • speed –动画单词的速度– 0.1 / 6.0

      • target – the target element in which you want the slider to be attached – selector string
      • target –要在其中附加滑块的目标元素–选择器字符串

      • position – relative or absolute position the slider inside the target element – relative/absolute
      • position –滑块在目标元素内的相对或绝对位置–相对/绝对

      You can find more details about the plugin settings in our website ACTUS Animated Words Slider.

      “> ACTUS动画单词滑块。


    1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
    2. 将插件文件上传到 / wp-content / plugins / plugin-name 目录,或直接通过WordPress插件屏幕安装插件。

    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
    4. 通过WordPress中的“插件”屏幕激活插件

    5. A new menu named ACTUS will appear in your wordpress admin.
    6. 一个名为ACTUS的新菜单将出现在您的wordpress管理员中。

    7. Use the shortcode [actus-awslider] to embed the animated tag cloud anywhere in your pages.
    8. 使用简码 [actus-awslider] 将动画标签云嵌入页面中的任意位置。