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Add custom data to your website.


Create custom fields for your pages and posts, or global options for your website.


ACTUS Xfields helps you create sets of fields of any kind and assign them to pages, posts or administration screens.

ACTUS Xfields 可帮助您创建任何类型的字段集并将它们分配给页面,帖子或管理屏幕。

This way you make it easy for the editors to insert extra content or change options that affect the appearance and funcionality of your website.


Why you need custom fields?


When a user is editing a post he/she can enter some certain data: the title, the content, a featured image, some tags, etc. If you want to let him/her enter more data, for example a subtitle


and a second image, you need custom fields to hold these data.


Another example would be about page editing.


If for example you have a page template with a special background or some custom banner, and want the page editor to easily change that image, you must use custom fields.


With ACTUS Xfields you can easily create sets of custom fields and assign them to your posts or pages.

使用ACTUS Xfields,您可以轻松创建自定义字段集并将其分配给您的帖子或页面。



    • Drag & Drop editor for easy fieldset creation
    • 拖放编辑器可轻松创建字段集

    • Assign fieldsets to pages or posts, according to a number of criteria like template, parent, category, tag etc.
    • 根据模板,父项,类别,标签等许多条件,将字段集分配给页面或帖子。

    • Assign fieldsets to any administration screen to create global variables
    • 将字段集分配给任何管理屏幕以创建全局变量

    • Create a custom administration page for your website’s options.
    • 为您的网站选项创建自定义管理页面。

    • Hide any wordpress element on your posts/pages edit screen, to completely customize it
    • 在帖子/页面编辑屏幕上隐藏任何wordpress元素,以完全对其进行自定义



      • Click on ACTUS Xfields on WordPress menu sidebar.
      • 单击WordPress菜单侧栏上的ACTUS Xfields。

      • Click on the ADD FIELDSET button to create a fieldset.
      • 单击“添加字段集”按钮以创建一个字段集。

      • Type a title for the new fieldet.
      • 键入新字段的标题。

      • Drag fields from the bar on the left to the box under the MAIN GROUP label.
      • 将字段从左侧的栏中拖到MAIN GROUP标签下的框。

      • Create a target for your fieldet to assign it to the posts or pages you want.
      • 为您的字段创建目标,以将其分配给所需的帖子或页面。

      • On the bottom of the screen is the code box, where you can see the names that your variables will have in PHP.
      • 在屏幕底部是代码框,您可以在其中查看变量在PHP中的名称。

      You can find more details about the plugin settings in our website ACTUS Motion<

      您可以在我们的网站中找到有关插件设置的更多详细信息ACTUS Motion <


      / a>。


    1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
    2. 将插件文件夹上传到 / wp-content / plugins / 目录,或直接通过WordPress插件屏幕安装插件。

    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
    4. 通过WordPress中的“插件”屏幕激活插件