[wordpress插件] Cloudware City Authentication云软件城市认证

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This plugin allows the use of the external Cloudware City authentication API to supplement the default authentication of users within a WordPress installation.

此插件允许使用外部Cloudware City身份验证API来补充WordPress安装中用户的默认身份验证。

Users are authenticated using the API then added to the local WordPress database based on the values in the plugin settings.


This means existing user accounts can be used if necessary and local admin users can still be used.


When used in conjunction with another plugin (eg Page Restrict, Members Only etc) that restricts access to logged in users, this plugin allows a subscription membership site to be set up with ease, using Cloudware City's subscription management, shopping and recurring

当与另一个限制登录用户访问权限的插件(例如,页面限制,仅限会员等)结合使用时,此插件允许使用Cloudware City的订阅管理,购物和重复生成来轻松设置订阅会员网站。

billing facilities (full membership required as a Cloudware City Vendor).

账单设施(作为Cloudware City供应商需要正式会员身份)。


    1. Upload the ‘cloudware-city-authentication’ authentication folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
    2. 将“ cloudware-city-authentication”身份验证文件夹上载到“ / wp-content / plugins /”目录

    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    4. 通过WordPress中的“插件”菜单激活插件

    5. Review the ‘Cloudware City’ settings in the WordPress settings menu, and fill out the details of your Cloudware City Vendor ID, API and Product IDs.

    6. 在WordPress设置菜单中查看“ Cloudware City”设置,然后填写您的Cloudware City供应商ID,API和产品ID的详细信息。

      Be careful when assigning the role – by default this is ‘Subscriber’, but you may select whatever role you require subscribed users to have.


      It will update (along with the users details) every time the user logs in.

    7. 每次用户登录时,它都会更新(以及用户详细信息)。