[wordpress插件] Collect reviews integration plugin收集评论整合插件

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(Collect Reviews)[https://collect-reviews.com/] lets you collect trusted, verified reviews of your service and products and boosts your sales using social proof.


As an independent reviews service, Collect Reviews offers solutions to automatically reach out to all of your customers following transactions and collect both Company and Product reviews, as well as the widgets and integrations to market your scores and ratings directly on your website.


We collect all reviews, moderate the content for compliance with our review guidelines, and publish them directly on your dedicated Certificate Page.


This plugin offers a lightweight and simple solution to integrate with the services from Collect Reviews.


Upon installing the plugin, it automatically send the necessary transaction information for Collect Reviews to request reviews from your customers.


The transaction information include details regarding the transaction (Order ID, Products) and the customer who needs to be contacted for a review of that transaction (Customer Name, Customer Email).



    1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/collectreviews directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
    2. 将插件文件上传到 / wp-content / plugins / collectreviews 目录,或直接通过WordPress插件屏幕安装插件。

    3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
    4. 通过WordPress中的“插件”屏幕激活插件

    5. Use the Settings->Collect Reviews Settion screen to configure the plugin
    6. 使用“设置”->“收集评论设置”屏幕来配置插件

    7. Leave a request to create an account in the (Collect Reviews service page)[https://collect-reviews.com/trial/]
    8. 在(“收集评论”服务页面)上留下创建帐户的请求[https://collect-reviews.com/trial/]

    9. After receiving an account in the Collect Reviews service, go to your personal account in the Settings

    10. 在“收集评论”服务中收到帐户后,转到设置中的个人帐户

      -> Technical section and copy the ID and Token from there to activate your plugin.

    11. ->技术部分,然后从此处复制ID和令牌以激活您的插件。

    12. Enter the received cridentials on the settings page Settings-> Collect Reviews Settion screen of your WordPress admin console.
    13. 在WordPress管理控制台的设置页面“设置”->“收集评论设置”屏幕上输入接收的凭据。

    14. Also on Settings page, select the status of orders that will be sent to Collect Reviews for further user polling.

    15. 也在“设置”页面上,选择要发送到“收集评论”以便进一步用户轮询的订单状态。

      You can upload newly created orders, paid orders or completed orders to Collect Reviews in accordance with the WooCommerce order status.

    16. 您可以根据WooCommerce订单状态将新创建的订单,已付款订单或已完成的订单上传到“收集评论”。

    17. After you save the settings, the system will automatically upload the current orders for the survey for the last two days.

    18. 保存设置后,系统将自动上载最近两天的调查当前订单。

      In the future, unloading will occur automatically daily.

    19. 将来,每天都会自动卸载。