[wordpress插件] Custom Post Type Auto Menu自定义帖子类型自动菜单

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Custom Post Type Auto Menu allows the user to choose a custom post type, a menu, and a menu parent item to which new custom post type posts


will be added automatically.


This simplifies the menu process for users who may not be comfortable adding items to menus, or


for sites that have a large number of custom post type additions, such as products.


The plugin supports multiple custom post types.


Known Issues


    • Ampersands and other HTML entites in titles can sometimes have curious results, such as multiple menu items.
    • 标题中的&符号和其他HTML ent有时有时会产生奇怪的结果,例如多个菜单项。

    • After a custom post type post has been published, if it is downgraded to ‘draft’ the item stays in the menu.
    • 发布自定义帖子类型的帖子后,如果将其降级为“草稿”,则该项目保留在菜单中。

    • Bulk trashing custom post types will leave the menu items behind.

    • 大宗垃圾自定义帖子类型会将菜单项留在后面。

      Trash custom post types one at a time and it works fine.

    • 一次删除一种自定义帖子类型,效果很好。

    • Menu items can not have the same name, even if attached to different menus.
    • 即使附加到不同的菜单,菜单项也不能具有相同的名称。

    • Known to conflict with Anything Order plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/anything-order/
    • 已知与Anything Order插件冲突:https://wordpress.org/plugins/anything-order/



      • Thanks to all who have made suggestions for features to this plugin.

      • 感谢所有对此插件的功能提出建议的人。

        I will try to put aside some time to work on it.

      • 我会尝试腾出一些时间来处理它。

      • Many thanks to codbox for the bug fixes and the new class.

      • 非常感谢 codbox 的错误修复和新类。

        Much appreciated!

      • 非常感谢!

      • Thanks to Andrew Kurtis of WebHostingHub for the Spanish translation
      • 感谢 WebHostingHub 的Andrew Kurtis的西班牙语翻译

      • There are various urls in the code from developers whose solutions I used to solve problems.

      • 开发人员在代码中有许多url,这些解决方案我曾用来解决问题。

        Thanks everyone!

      • 谢谢大家!


    1. Upload the plugin to your site and activate.
    2. 将插件上传到您的网站并激活。

    3. CPT Auto Menus page is now in main admin menu under Settings.
    4. “ CPT自动菜单”页面现在位于“设置”下的主管理菜单中。

    5. Use checkbox to select which Custom Post Types you want an automated menu for, then Save Changes.
    6. 使用复选框选择您要为其使用自动菜单的“自定义帖子类型”,然后选择“保存更改”。

    7. You will be redirected to Menu Settings tab.

    8. 您将被重定向到“菜单设置”选项卡。

      Select which menu and which parent menu item where you wish the CPT to display.

    9. 选择希望CPT显示的菜单和哪个父菜单项。