[wordpress插件] Custom Post Type Filters For Users Insights用户见解的自定义帖子类型过滤器

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Extends the default user post activity functionality of the Users Insights plugin.

扩展了 Users Insights插件的默认用户帖子活动功能。

Users Insights by default provides the total number of posts created by each user, including pages and any custom post types.

默认情况下,Users Insights提供每个用户创建的帖子总数,包括页面和任何自定义帖子类型。

Sometimes however, you might need to list, search and filter your user list by the number of posts that they have created from a specific post type only.


This plugin allows you to do this by adding the following features:


    • List the number of posts that each user has created from each custom post type
    • 列出每个用户根据每种自定义帖子类型创建的帖子数

    • Filter the user list by the number of posts

    • 按帖子数过滤用户列表

      that they have created from each custom post type

    • 它们是根据每种自定义帖子类型创建的

    • Sort the user list by the number of posts that they have created from each custom post type
    • 按照用户列表中每种自定义帖子类型创建的帖子数对用户列表进行排序

    • Select which post types to be available on the Users Insights table
    • 在“ Users Insights”表中选择可用的帖子类型


    1. Make sure that the Users Insights plugin is installed and activated.
    2. 确保已安装并激活 Users Insights插件

    3. Log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.
    4. 登录到WordPress仪表板,导航至“插件”菜单,然后单击“添加新项”。

    5. In the search field type “Custom Post Types For Users Insights” and click Search Plugins.

    6. 在搜索字段中输入“用户见解的自定义帖子类型”,然后单击“搜索插件”。

      Once you’ve found the plugin you can view details about it such as the point release, rating and description.


      Most importantly of course, you can install it by simply clicking “Install Now”.

    7. 当然,最重要的是,您只需单击“立即安装”即可安装它。

    8. Go to Users Insights -> Custom Post types to select the custom post types to enabled on the Users Insights page
    9. 转到“用户见解”->“自定义帖子类型”以选择要在“用户见解”页面上启用的自定义帖子类型

    10. Go to the Users Insights page and click on the “Eye” icon to make the custom post type count visible
    11. 转到“用户洞察”页面,然后单击“眼睛”图标以显示自定义帖子类型计数